Max Hair is the Indian avatar of USA’s
renowned Max Hair Studio
Max Hair, since its inception in 2005 has already managed to win the reputation of being the best Hair Solution Company in India.
At Max Hair, our highly experienced experts work ceaselessly to develop custom solutions. Max Hair is the Indian avatar of USA’s renowned Max Hair Studio. We have relentlessly added to our technique, technological knowhow and knowledge base ensuring that we develop and deliver nothing less than the best hair systems and other hair transplant and hair replacement products or services. We have achieved the feat of being widely acclaimed in the USA and have managed to achieve the same in India, due to our unparalleled services and products. Our Hair replacement procedures offer the best possible natural look. We also take pride in our skin lace systems that are fully undetectable and offer our customers natural look and high comfort level.
At Max Hair, we not only offer quality products and undiminished hair solutions to our clients but we also focus on educating them on the subject matter enabling them to make an informed decision about endorsing the product or the services.We are also keen on following our preamble that reads as mentioned below.
  • We will always offer most competitive pricing for our services and products
  • We will provide unbiased professional advice regarding their hair solution
  • We will provide the highest quality control with consistency
  • We will always offer premium quality product and services
  • We will always strive to inform and educate our clients
  • We will deliver hair solution products in a discrete and private manner
  • We will offer the best product deliver and customer service
  • We will always care for your Hair
  • We will always issue a delivery date so you can plan accordingly
A complete solution for your hair loss

USA’s Max Hair Studio of which Max Hair is an integral part was started and furthered by people who actually suffered the agony of hair loss and frustration of being cheated by unauthentic hair solution providers. The agony and helplessness induced them towards research and in-depth study of the subject matter; only to be realized later that once a group of people suffering from hair problems has now the acumen and know how to get rid of the devastating menace. And therefore; since its establishment, till date, Max Hair Studio has been committed to an effective, responsible and ethical approach to treating Hair Loss and the same has been inherited by Max Hair India.