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Sapphire Micro FUE

What is Sapphire Micro FUE Hair Transplant Performed with Sapphire Blades?

Hair transplantation that has progressed and evolved dramatically over the years, transforming into a well-established and minimally invasive surgical procedure, has taken its final form in-line with the more efficient utilization of new medical devices. The increase in technology advancements taking place each passing day, has paved the way for the development of new, innovative hair transplant techniques as well as hair loss treatments. The Sapphire Micro FUE method performed in Max hair Clinic Hyderabad, which is considered one of the most modern and commonly used hair transplant techniques, ensuring natural-looking results, has carried its success one step further through the utilization of special devices with sapphire blades.

The Advantages of Micro FUE Performed with Sapphire Blades in Comparison with Steel Blades

Owing to its qualities such as smooth surface with antibacterial properties, hardness, sharpness and durability, when using sapphire blades for the process of opening micro channels, vibration will be reduced thus, the risk of complications such as trauma and scalp tissue damage will also be reduced to the minimum. In comparison with steel blades; Micro FUE performed with sapphire blades in Max hair clinic enables more dense transplantation, which makes it possible for individuals with advanced hair loss to undergo a hair transplant procedure in Max hair clinic Hyderabad. Using sapphire blades enables to achieve more density thus, creating a more natural-looking appearance. In comparison with steel blades, sapphire blades, allows to inject lesser tumescence-a special fluid to lift the skin from the bone- prior to making incisions. As a result, fluid retention experienced after the surgery will be reduced thus making the post-operative phase more comfortable for the patients. As incisions created for the transplantation process will be smaller, tissue recovery will be faster in comparison with using steel blades, but most importantly the bonded skin will have a smooth surface. As a result of opening the channels at the same length of hair follicles, it is not possible for the follicles to become dislodged and their angle alignment to be altered after the transplantation process. FUE hair transplantation method in use since 2004, has become the most generally accepted hair transplant technique worldwide. Now it’s time to focus on satisfying clients expectations and to prioritize their needs with respect to quality and perfection. This expectation regarding the outcome of a hair transplant in terms of quality and perfection, has been fulfilled by performing the FUE technique utilizing sapphire blades.

Who are the eligible clients for The Sapphire Micro FUE Technique?

  • Clients who have limited and controlled hair loss.
  • Clients who don’t want any scars.
  • Clients with donor areas of low density.
  • Clients who want to hide scars of previous FUT hair transplantation.
  • Extraction of follicles by the Sapphire Micro FUE technique is more simple and painless in comparison with other hair transplantation techniques.
  • Mainly, Micro FUE is a minor surgery, classified as a simple medical act, no damage occurs in any follicular unit during extraction.
  • And there is no risk of sensitive loss in donor zone.
  • The size of needles or punches is significant at this point.
  • The success of Max hair clinic Hyderabad Sapphire Micro FUE derived from the accurate use of the smallest possible punch.
  • Choosing the right size plays a decisive role and it depends on the experience of the implementer.
  • The Max hair clinic Hyderabad micro FUE technique is not an invasive surgery, since therefore the hair transplantation zone heals within a couple of days and there is no risk of nerve damage at all.

Sapphire Micro FUE Hair Transplant for the Satisfactory Results

Sapphire Micro FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) is known as the best and optimal hair transplantation available today. It gives benefit in micro surgery with the smallest micro-scalpels which are less than 0.5 – 0.8 mm thick used in the process of surgery. By the help of these smallest needles and micro-scalpels, the more number of hairs can be extracted and transplanted in the right angle and direction into the treatment zone.

Positive points about Sapphire Micro FUE Technique

Client is allowed to perform sports 10 days later the Sapphire Micro FUE intervention. In this period, the units of transplanted follicles take root in the receiving area. Another benefit of Sapphire Micro FUE method is various potential donor zone options all over the body. It is possible with Sapphire Micro FUE to replace the excessive the hair in other parts of the body and transplant to the desired area. The best quality of hair transplantation is available with the Sapphire Micro FUE method. For that matter, after implementation of Max hair clinic Hyderabad Sapphire Micro FUE, the client will be also able to choose any hair style at any time he wishes. After all, the success of all hair transplantation techniques depends on the experience and professionalism of the implementer. For that matter, should you desire the best result after hair transplantation, ask for commitment of natural appearance, extensive experience and good examples served in the past depending on the needs and expectations of previous clients. As a final word, it can be said that Max hair clinic Hyderabad Sapphire FUE technique is more favorable for the clients in the meaning of multiple choice of graft source, fast healing process and 100% guarantee of success.

Who can Have Hair Transplantation by Sapphire Micro FUE method?

Sapphire Micro FUE method is available for the patients in good health and of all ages who want to have hair transplantation. Another required specification for those who wants to have Max hair clinic Hyderabad Sapphire Micro FUE is adequate donor area in good quality of dense hair. Should hair transplantation preferred in early ages, it is predicted that further surgery sessions can be required in following ages by hormonal reasons and non-stable hair loss. Also, personal aesthetical expectations may change in time. Ages of 30-40 are expected to give pretty much more satisfactory results for this reason. That’s why, it is highly recommended to start hair transplantation after the age of 30 not only due to hormonal reasons but also because of changing aesthetical expectations of young people in long years. Apart from the age of the client, other factors that affect the quality and result of Sapphire Micro FUE transplantation surgery are:
  • Density of the donor zone
  • The extent of transplantation zone
  • Quality of grafts
  • Hair type and hair color
  In order to get the best result after the Max hair clinic Hyderabad Sapphire Micro FUE surgery, the clients are advised to have these stated qualities reviewed by Max Hair Clinic Aesthetic physician.. If all qualifications are adequate in your texture structure, then you are a good candidate for implementation of Sapphire Micro FUE method.


Some hair transplant centers claim that they can transplant 70-90 follicular units per square centimeter at which they would provide the client with natural looking and dense hair but lands be giving 30-40 follicular units density with needle and implanter technology The natural angle of hair growth is 40-45 degrees. If hair follicles are transplanted perpendicular to the scalp, at the cost of obtaining density, this will create a pluggy look with unnatural results. Max Hair Studio International Hyderabad continues adding accolades of optimum delivery of Aesthetic practices in accordance with the principle “it is every people’s right to live with healthy Hair and have equal access to Aesthetic services and it takes firm steps to spread all regions of Hyderabad & Secundrabad and to increase Aesthetic standards based on advanced technology, with no sacrifice from medical ethics. Continuously setting higher service standards and combining ease of access, experience and volume with client oriented treatment approach, our Hair-loss solution provider clinic aims to create a totally new vision in the Aesthetic sector with the brand of “MAX HAIR STUDIO”. Carrying the Aesthetic business adapted to changing life style, MAX HAIR STUDIO makes all HAIR RESTORATION and HAIR REPLACEMENT modalities, which are recently, used worldwide, innovative medical technologies and experienced physician staff meets in a contemporary clinical environment. Our efficient, sustainable and dynamic operation system, which is based on team work, opens door to a healthy and beautiful future achieving head full of hair. MAX HAIR STUDIO HYDERABAD further increase quality and quantity of the service and our clinic is not only providing citizens of our society with Aesthetic services, But also supports social responsibility projects, which are conducted in various societies and office premises. MAX HAIR STUDIO HYDERABAD is performing modern hair transplants on high-level standards. The spectrum of natural hair restoration services ranges from an aesthetically pleasing reconstruction of receeding hairlines, over hair transplant on complex scalp areas including the crown up to body hair transplant, which can be performed both on the scalp & beard. MAX HAIR STUDIO HYDERABAD for high-level hair transplants on clients in Hyderabad & Secundrabad regularly granting solid and substantial quality with outstanding results. As FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction has been characterized as the only minimally invasive technique for hair transplant ever since MAX HAIR STUDIO HYDERABAD has been one of the PIONEERS to present scarless outcomes.  

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