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Hair Extension
The length of your hair reduces as you advance in your age. For many, the reduction in length is gradual and starts at a later age. However, for millions of women, for reasons known and unknown the length of hair starts decreasing quite early and becomes a cause of concern. The uncontrolled reduction in length can also cause agony, despair and loss of confidence.
The hair extension for female is the way out of the problem of decreasing hair length. At Max hair, our experts have developed highly customizable hair extension that brilliantly gels with existing hair. This hair fixing solution is ideal for those who want to move out and away from this situation. The hair fix treatment in form of hair extension is completely undetectable and leaves you with pure joy. Our consultants and experts discuss with you in detail about your requirements and only then they move ahead with developing the customized hair extension that perfectly suits you. The development process of hair extension for female is in tune with your natural hair color, texture and type. Experts at Max Hair, who are entrusted with developing process, also take in consideration the hair styling that suits your persona. The hair fixing treatment in the form of hair extension developed by us will leave you positively surprised.

Advantages of Hair Extension at Max Hair:

  • The hair extension system can increase length of hair as much as 22 inches
  • It imparts 100% natural look
  • It is Easy to maintain
  • Can be removed as and when need be
  • Hair extensions are developed using premium substitutes
  • Customized to perfectly blend with naturally existing hair
  • Does not require adhesives, heating or burning to fix the extensions
  • Pre-post hair fixing does not require any sort of dietary or lifestyle changes