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Hair Loss and its type

Hair loss is a serious issue both for men and women. It not only deteriorates the aesthetics of the person but also takes an emotional toll. Further it is an unending process and does not get any better with time. There are several reasons for hair loss including hereditary reasons and even your eating habits could be one of the main reasons for the bald patch. Some of the major causes, symptoms and other concerns related to Hair loss are as follows.

Hereditary Hair Loss

It is a noteworthy fact that hair loss in men is more due to hereditary reasons than that in women. The dihydroxy-testosterone (DHT) which is known to be reason behind androgenetic alopecia is a hormone that actually decides the fate of your hair. However, in women, the pattern of baldness differs greatly from that of men baldness and baldness or irreparable hair loss in women is due to several other reasons than hereditary.

Diseases Related To Scalp

There are many known and unknown conditions of scalp that can actually start and further trigger the process of irreversible hair loss. Some of the main diseases of scalp that causes hair loss are: Seborrheic Dermatitis, Scalp Psoriasis and Eczema. These diseases and how they influence loss of hair is known; however, in case of Alopecia Areata not much is known to the doctors. If you are suffering from Alopecia Areata, then you have slim chances of gaining back natural hair through any medication process. The severity of the condition is due to the fact that immune systems of people who suffer from this condition behaves abnormally and keep on destroying the hair follicles. The reason for such behavior is also not very evident till date.

There are several medical conditions that hamper the hair growth process beyond repair. No medicine, no treatment can rejuvenate the hair growth once it has been stunted by sever medical ailments. Even after people recover from the ailment, the hair growth does not improve; rather with time, it continues to degrade, leaving behind permanent hair loss or baldness.

Hair loss in women and men due to medical conditions are not rare and millions of people suffer from the problem. Irreparable hair loss due to medical conditions traumatizes their worldview and such people keep on sliding away from the mainstream of most beautiful experiences of life.

The prospect of hair re-growth in such person is nil and therefore, it is advisable that they seek alternate solutions. At Max Hair, we closely understand the emotional and psychological impact of permanent baldness in men and women caused due to medical conditions and we have consequently developed a hair system that is perfect for people suffering from medical hair loss.

Our hair system is designed to bring back to the mainstream of life weeding out the issue of hair loss caused as a result of severe ailments. Our experts and consultants continually work towards perfecting the hair system ensuring that we could cater to your highly customized requirements.