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Hair Replacement for Women

Max Skin Lace System

At Max Hair we have trained and licensed hair technicians to design and develop the lace systems and also to answer to your queries related to use and maintenance of the system. We use natural hair along with high quality human skin friendly material for making the Max Skin Lace System. We also offer you kits that you can use to maintain and style the system as per your wish. Further, we also offer you great deals over re-ordering. The types of SLS that we offer are as follows:

Basic Max Skin Lace System:

This system is ideal for those who want great front appearance and are carefree. It can easily be customized for sporting medium to heavy hair density. In addition, the sides and the back of the lace system is made up of a high quality one inch poly skin ensuring that it takes all the rough handling and yet is easy to clean.

Apart from its sturdy back and sides, the nylon center of the Basic Max Skin Lace System gives you the desired comfort and styling option. This hair system is as good as one tough hair solution since it can be easily taped and you are good to go. On the feature count is scores as follows:

Comfort The comfort level is normal but you cannot expect to put it on for week at one go. 3/5
Top Appearance Top appearance is appraisable. You can easily get involved in your day to day activities without making people suspicious about the system. But on a close zoom, you might lose the cover. 3/5
Durability The reinforced back and side of the system makes it best for rough usage. It is easy to clean high on durability. 5/5
Affordability It is designed to fit in regular need of the clients. It can take a lot of beating and yet is good to go on the next day. It is most affordable option of the hair systems. 5/5
Front Appearance It is designed to be sturdy and durable and so it compromises on the front appearance. But you will never feel vulnerable with this system. 4/5

Advanced Max Skin Lace System:

This system features back and top similar to that present in conventional full lace systems making it highly durable. However, the best feature of this system is that it imparts high definition natural looking fully undetectable front hairline.

Advanced Max Skin Lace System is also easy to clean and maintain since its back and sides are reinforced with a poly coating of one inch in thickness. This hair system also gives you the liberty to sport a look with low hair density in contrast to higher hair density towards the back of the head.

Comfort The comfort level is considerably high and you might even forget that you are using a hair system. 4/5
Top Appearance The sides and top of this system is similar to the conventional systems and thus the top appearance is not very promising. 3/5
Durability It is high on durability. Though when compared to basic version, it might lack a bit, but it is easy to clean, maintain and high on durability. 4/5
Affordability This hair system offers the right mix of frontal appearance and durability. It is considerably good on affordability part. 4/5
Front Appearance The frontal hairline appearance is undoubtedly the best with this system. It is designed to achieve superb frontal appearance. 5/5

Super Advanced Max Skin Lace System:

This could easily be classified as the platinum category of the hair systems. It is superbly awesome, completely undetectable and natural looking. With this system on your head, you can even allow a super zoom view of your head without anyone able to guess about its presence.

Super Advanced Max Skin Lace System sports bleached knots, invisible pleating and natural contours of hair density. And of course it is air light and very comfortable. On the low side, you cannot fancy high hair density with this system and it also requires lot of care and maintenance for optimal performance.

Comfort The material used for this product is best that could be used for hair systems and thus it gives unparalleled comfort level. 5/5
Top Appearance The material used for top lace of the system is in tune to scalp color of the client and is fully transparent ensuring best top appearance. 5/5
Durability The durability of the system is the weakest point but if you want the best look and feel, this must be your choice. 3/5
Affordability This hair system suffers on affordability. Though it is not priced exorbitantly, but in comparison to other hair systems, it is bit pricey. 2/5
Front Appearance The frontal appearance is best and is achieved through single bleached knots. 5/5

Advantages of Hair Replacement for Women at Max Hair:

  • Our Hair system works perfectly for people suffering from either complete or partial baldness in women
  • The hair system can be braided, clipped, sewed in or fixed in with adhesive
  • It can be well maintained even at home
  • You can get it changed for a new hair style suiting your skin type and aesthetics.
  • It is cost effective, non surgical and non invasive
  • No medicines or strict dietary or lifestyle changes are required in the pre-post phase of using hair system for male pattern baldness
  • The hair system is made up of extremely premium substances and has no side effects on the scalp
  • It gives you back 100% natural look