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Science of max Hair Fiber

Hair Fiber for Men

Hair fiber is the revolutionary development that truly fits in the definition of instant hair. There could be no better solution other than using hair fiber to get instant natural hair. In no more than five seconds you will get back natural hair back on your head. And yes, it will stay till you shampoo the next time. It won’t leave you while you are playing, riding or dancing. It will also withstand your joy of drenching in the rain and your perspiration. The hair fiber we develop at Max Hair is undetectable and durable. We can even custom develop fibers that suit your hair tone and color.

Max Hair Building Fiber

You can spray Max Hair building fiber on your head and you are ready to go. With some sprinkles of the fiber you get dense natural hair. Our hair building fibers are natural keratin that are charged and thus stick to your hair as if it is part of your natural hair. In less than five seconds and with some sprinkles of our fiber you get a full looking head.

Max Hair adds Hair to your Head

Max building fiber comes in a easy to use container and all you need is to sprinkle some of the fiber at places where you need thicker and dense hair. The fibers that come out of the container contain static charges and thus become a true part of your head.

Effective and Safe

MAX Hair Building Fibers are magical in effectively giving you instant hair. Our award winning fibers are well acknowledged by doctors and numerous of them recommend it to people suffering from hair loss. It is effective as well as safe since there are no known or unknown side effects of using Max Hair fibers.