Combining the best of nutritional and mineral rejuvenation of scalp along with oxygen infused circulation and metabolic boost from cold Beam LASER lights, Dr Regrowth is a cutting-edge procedure which works best against dull, dehydrated and weak hair. By stimulating collagen production along with photo-biotic catalysis for enhancing scalp health and optimum hair regrowth, MAX Dr Regrowth treatment in India is performed by doctors with years worth of experience in helping serve the benefits of healthy hair. By allowing increased microcirculation of the scalp as well as enabling accelerated oxygen intake at a cellular level, Dr Regrowth not only improves the health of existing hair follicles but also promotes hair regrowth thus creating a thicker, fuller and lustrous look. MAX Hair Clinic offers combined benefits of advanced mesotherapy and oxygen LASER therapy to deliver maximum effective results and a safe as well as minimally invasive scalp invigoration for best enhancing the results of hair transplant treatments.


Why choose MAX Hair’s Dr. Regrowth?

Oxygen infused circulation
Metabolic boost
 Cold Beam LASER lights
 Enhancing scalp health
 Optimum hair regrowth
 Lustrous look
 Deliver maximum effective results
 Invasive scalp invigoration

Put a halt to hair loss and invigorate optimum hair regrowth with MAX Hair Clinic expert treatments

Dr Regrowth is a specialized treatment approach catering the most prominent factors causing hair loss and baldness. With delivery of superfine injections of vital minerals, amino acids, nutrients and minerals into the scalp layers and by exposing the hair as well as scalp to controlled low-level LASER light emission, Dr Regrowth treatment in India revitalizes and strengthens hair follicles while reversing the conditions of hair loss through optimum scalp metabolism and circulation. The treatment invigorates the scalp metabolic action and strengthens hair follicles through natural regeneration and proliferation.By enhancing circulation and serving an ideal blend of nutrients, minerals and vitamins to the scalp, Dr Regrowth involves a low-level LASER therapy and direct injection of essential hair health enhancement nutrients.

Specialized treatment approach
Strengthens hair follicles
Low-level LASER therapyEssential hair health enhancement nutrients

Counter the underlying causes of hair loss with MAX Dr.Regrowth treatment and cherish a head full of hair

Inconsistent nutritional input, disrupted scalp circulation and poor mineral as well as vitamin flow contributes to hair loss in majority of people. The Dr Regrowth hair loss solution from MAX Hair Clinic counters the prime culprits of hormonal and nutritional imbalances of the scalp while restoring optimum hair follicle health through photo-biotic stimulation and direct nutritional boost. The nutritional cocktail components are injected into the mesodermal layers of the scalp and this is a proven technique to address the myriad causes of hair loss and baldness.

Dr Regrowth hair treatment is a one stop solution to counter the concerns of hair loss by preventing the factors leading to it. This treatment focuses on alleviating the nutritional inconsistencies that risk hair loss and baldness in men as well as women.

Photo-biotic stimulation
Direct nutritional boost
One stop solution