Unwanted hair loss causes major distress among men as well as women. Early onset of pattern baldness and hair loss is a matter of concern and demands a swift diagnosis and treatment to help restore the natural thickness and hair volume. With this is mind, MAX Hair Clinic offers an innovative CC PRP Active+ treatment to help revitalize hair re-growth with 100% natural results by optimizing scalp rejuvenation. Our treatment is 100% effective in alleviating the progression of hair loss and helps tackle pattern baldness as well as Alopecia by encouraging growth of existing hair follicles. MAX PRP treatment promotes hair regrowth enabled by natural tissue repairing property of blood. The platelet and growth factor constituents of your own blood act as a catalyst for 100% natural and safe hair growth.

Androgenetic alopecia is a hair loss disorder affecting 80% of men and 50% of women throughout their lifetime. CLOSED CASKET Platelet-rich plasma active +, is a treatment modality shown to promote hair re-growth through closed casket PRP a revolutionary German technology, has also been explored as a treatment for AGA. Twelve studies conducted from 2011 to 2017 were evaluated and summarized by study characteristics, mode of preparation, and treatment protocols. A total of 295 subjects were given PRP or control treatment in these studies, and evaluated for terminal hair density, hair quality, anagen/telogen hair ratio, keratinocyte proliferation, blood vessel density, etc. Some studies also provided subject self-assessment reports. Most of the studies reviewed showed effectiveness of PRP in increasing terminal hair density/diameter.

This therapy is defined as an autologous preparation of plasma with concentrated platelets. PRP contains various growth factors and cytokines that enhance the body’s inherent capacity to repair and regenerate. Platelets are most often thought of for their hemostatic functions. However, they also contain a vast reservoir of over 800 proteins which, when secreted, act upon numerous targets including stem cells, fibroblasts, osteoblasts, endothelial, and epithelial cells . Granulation of these factors generally begins within 10 min of platelet activation. Besides platelets and their secreted factors, there are other active components within PRP, importantly fibrinogen and leukocytes. The current thinking is that the therapeutic benefits of PRP come not only from the platelets, but from the combination of constituents and growth factors.

PRP contains high concentrations of over 20 growth factors that are actively secreted from the α-granules of platelets. Among those thought to stimulate hair regrowth are platelet-derived growth factor, transforming growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), epidermal growth factor, fibroblast growth factor, connective tissue growth factor, and insulin-like growth factor IGF-1. These essential proteins regulate cell migration, attachment, proliferation, and differentiation and promote extracellular matrix accumulation . Growth factors in PRP promote hair regrowth by binding to their respective receptors expressed by stem cells of the hair follicle bulge region and associated tissues. Upon ligand binding, stem cells induce the proliferative phase of the hair follicle, producing the anagen follicular unit and facilitating hair regrowth . Further, they activate downstream cascades leading to angiogenesis and stimulation and generation of adnexal structures. Anagen-associated angiogenesis has been linked to the secretion of VEGF by keratinocytes in the outer root sheath and fibroblasts of the dermal papilla. This increased production of VEGF promotes the growth of normal and pathological dermal structures around the hair follicles. Activated autologous closed casket PRP has also been noted to activate the proliferation of dermal papilla cells by up regulating fibroblast growth factor-7 and B-catenin.


1.       98% RICH PLASMA extraction

2.       Zero percent coagulation

3.       No mixture of red blood corpuscles in the rich platelets

4.       Activation of growth factors within 3 sessions compared to test tube PRP in 8 sessions

5.       More improvement of tissues structure compared to test tube PRP

6.       Anti-bacterial factors compared to test tube PRP

7.       Superior German technology of Platelet conditioned plasma, Platelet lite concentrate, Platelet rich concentrate

8.       Higher platelet counts compared to Test tube PRP

We design the platelet concentrate according to your hair loss stage, binding of the hair follicular unit tissue structure, growth regulations intervals & improvement ratio analysis.

We wish to re structure the closed casket PRP growth factors of your grafts in the dermal papilla and record substantial growth factors according to the expectation alignment delivered by us. Do revert back to us on any more queries seeking information on the procedure performed by us and would like to see you soon in our clinic on the further proceedings to control your hair-loss and register substantial growth.

Accelerate natural healing for optimum hair regrowth

By reversing the occurrence of androgenetic alopecia, CC PRP Active+ Treatment in India through speeded tissue repair is capable of mitigating damage to hair follicles while restoring their natural growth properties. As proven by many scientific and medical researches.
CC PRP Active+ for hair loss is considered to be a promising treatment with very effective results. After a PRP treatment has been administered, the patient can resume normal life without any limitations and this makes it a convenient solution to counter hair loss and baldness concerns.
MAX CC PRP Active+ solution promotes hair regrowth by triggering capillary growth and encouraging tissue regeneration. PRP hair treatment is best administered in men and women for strengthening hair transplants, treating pattern hair loss, promoting hair regrowth as well as preventing baldness.
For the best natural remedy against hair loss, trust the innovative CC PRP Active+ hair loss treatment from MAX Hair Clinic.
Our CC Platelet Plasma Kit offers precision control in the procedure making it highly successful and convenient for the patients.

CC PRP Active+ Treatment
Tissue regeneration
Strengthening hair transplants
Promoting hair regrowth
Treating pattern hair loss
Preventing baldness
Natural remedy against hair loss

Why choose MAX Hair’s CC PRP Active?

Restore the natural thickness
Innovative CC PRP Active+
100% Effective
Revitalize hair re-growth
Growth of existing hair follicles

100% customizable and natural treatment

As the major PRP cells are extracted from the individual and reinfused for catalyzing optimum healing and regeneration, the treatment is 100% bespoke. Our platelet rich treatment increases hair density while reducing hair loss so as to counter baldness.
The effects from this treatment have best delivered proven results in men and women with androgenetic alopecia. Anyone with thinning hair is an ideal candidate for CC PRP treatment in India and this treatment works best by enhancing the thickness of the hair shaft through natural regenerative processes.

Catalyzing optimum healingTreatment is 100% bespoke
Increases hair density
Promoting hair regrowth
Counter baldness
Natural regenerative processes