A popular semi-permanent eyebrow treatment, MAX eyebrow microblading offers the appearance of fuller eyebrows that look totally natural. Resulting in the best shape for your eyebrows, this technique implants fine strokes of high-quality pigment which mimics realistic natural hair. Our eyebrow microblading service is a semi-permanent treatment as the pigments do not penetrate the deep skin layers. At MAX Hair Clinic we have developed the best eyebrow microblading process that is totally bespoke, individual and personalised to your needs. We wish for you to have the best elegant eyebrows that you’ve always dreamed of and with our innovative microblading solution in India, we create well-defined shapes and fuller eyebrow appearances to result in the best enhancement of your facial aesthetics.


Why choose MAX Hair’s Eyebrow Microblading?

NaturalWell-defined shapes
Fuller eyebrow appearancesFacial aesthetics

Offering the most realistic and natural-looking eyebrows finish

Accentuating your eyes and balancing the aesthetic symmetry of your face, eyebrows are very important for defining your overall personality. If your eyebrows have become too thin or lack the right shape and asymmetry, with MAX eyebrow microblading treatment in India you get a complete restructuring of the same as enabled by creating realistic natural hair like strokes from medical grade pigments. The overall finishing from microblading is super precise and the strokes are made to best resemble individual hair strands.

MAX Hair Clinic has an aim to offer you beautiful eyebrows that perfectly balance the symmetry of your face while adding a natural-looking definition to the same. Our experts ensure that each individual hairstroke is precise in matching the natural direction of your eyebrows so as to result in a 100% undetectable appearance. At MAX hair Clinic, we use state-of-the-art microblades which give super fine lines resembling natural hairstrokes thus guaranteeing precise deposition of pigment.

Aesthetic symmetry
Super precise
Natural-looking100% Undetectable appearance

This semi-permanent approach to enhance brow shapes and thickness with individual hair-like strokes results in bolder brows which make a remarkable difference in your personality.
Our experts meticulously perform the procedure in order to offer you the best refining the shape of eyebrows.
and pain-free experience.
The procedure demands very-little to none aftercare and simple cleansing of the area while ensuring no product application is sufficient to make microblading results last longer.

Refined shape of eyebrows
Pain-free experience
Simple cleansing