Eyelash extension and Lash Lift

Transforming your face and confidence in a matter of seconds, the mesmerizing eyelash extensions from MAX Hair Clinic offer a blissful addition of volume and length to your lashes. With our bespoke eyelash extension systems, you get to customize the length, curvature as well as thickness so as to match your eye shape and facial aesthetics. Our dense high-volume eyelash extensions result in a premium style transformation while enhancing your chic appeal. The expert stylists at MAX Hair Clinic follow unique application techniques offering comfortable, soft and custom lash profiles that suit every occasion. Our eyelash extensions look and feel 100% natural while being competitively priced. MAX eyelash extensions are made of ultra-fine fibres and make you sizzle with exceptional opulence while being the showstopper at every occasion. Our refined eyelash extensions are lighter and last longer. To adorn refined eyelash extensions, try MAX Hair Clinic eyelash extensions all available with custom-tailored style choices.


Why Choose MAX Hair’s Eye-lash Extension?

Eyelash extensions
Length to your lashes
Match your eye shapeFacial aesthetics
100% naturalRefined eyelash extensions
Custom-tailored style choices

A bespoke service for individual client needs

Our passion for all things beautiful and a consistent striving to make you be the best version of yourself has resulted in inception of eyelash extension which offer the perfect balance of mesmerising opulence as well as superior comfort. MAX eyelash extension in India are perfect for you if you wish for natural looking gorgeous eyelashes. Our eyelash extensions are an ideal way to enhance the aesthetic grace of natural lashes and a captivating look which creates lasting impressions. Our unique application techniques create a set of longer and thicker lashes and depending on the desired look, you get to choose from a wide variety of lengths, curls and thicknesses.

Gorgeous eyelashesLasting impressions
Aesthetic grace of natural lashes

A unique solution giving your lashes mega-volume and length

If you have always been confused with the different choices of eyelash extensions to opt for and wish for a proper solution that perfectly matches your natural aesthetics, then you have come to the right destination. MAX Hair Clinic quality eyelash extensions offer an ultra-relaxing experience during application and use as well. These are perfect to be adorned on special occasions or just applied to take your everyday looks a notch-up. We offer ultra-fine lashes made from very soft fibres and these are available at prices that sound too good to be true.

Quality eyelash extensions
Ultra-relaxing experience
Ultra-fine lashesVery soft fibres