MAX Hair Clinic offers an innovative ingenious device grafting method of hair restoration enabled by use of patented tools for precision follicle extraction and implantation. The MAX IGM Hair Transplant is a sophisticated European method of FUE practiced with unparalleled precision for minimal invasion and swift results. MAX IGM FUE treatment has been designed with our patients’ needs at the forefront. Committed to restore your presence and thickness of hair, MAX Hair Clinic employs advanced technology innovative IGM hair transplant solutions enabling a minimally-invasive hair loss treatment. Our hair transplant experts are highly accoladed for exceptional knowledge and vital expertise in carrying out successful ingenious device grafting method hair restoration treatments. We aim to make the procedure as comfortable as possible while ensuring utmost convenience for your swift return to usual routines. MAX IGM method of hair transplant assures zero damage to donor areas along with no linear scars or punch marks. Our hair transplant specialists are trained to strict protocols and with their decades worth of expertise, we are sure of helping restore your youthful charms of dense thick hair all enabled by a technique focused on 100% natural results and unrivalled longevity.


Why choose MAX Hair’s IGM Fue?

Grafting method
Zero damage
Dense thick hair
100% Natural results

Maximum hair follicle survival for increased hair transplant success rates

A naked eye can hardly detect an expertly performed hair transplant and with MAX Hair Clinic IGM hair transplant in India, it is impossible to virtually detect the same. This ultra-innovative method of hair transplant requires no cuts, no stitching and thus no linear visible scars are formed. If your hair loss has intensified and you have lost a vast hair cover on the head, then it is the right time to go for an IGM transplant service as performed by the expert surgeons at MAX Hair Clinic.

Ultra-innovative method
No cuts
No stitching
No linear visible scars

Harvesting micro-grafts with ultimate precision for high-quality hair transplant results

After rigorous market research, you may have decided that it’s the right time for you to explore an IGM hair transplant surgery. We understand that it’s a hard decision to entrust your precious remaining hair follicles to just anyone but our years of expertise and world-class standards of quality control serve an assurance of best success rates and swift hair regrowth. Our fully-fledged operations performed by highly trained surgeons guarantee increased graft survival and minimal invasion. Putting the patient before profit, at MAX Hair Clinic we care about the industry and its ethics, integrity as well as quality of treatment.

Swift hair regrowth
Minimal invasion
Quality treatment