A healthy and well-nourished scalp is an optimum foundation for enabling ideal hair growth. MAX Hair Clinic mesotherapy treatment is a non-surgical approach to boost scalp circulation and enable positive results for hair re-growth. By injecting hormones, enzymes and vitamins directly into the scalp, many underlying causes for hair loss such as poor circulation and inflammation are alleviated. MAX mesotherapy hair treatment employs medicinal catalysis for hair re-growth along with tremendous improvement to the quality of existing hair. Our scalp demands vitamins, amino acid combinations and minerals for supporting optimum hair growth and health. Under influence of a number of harmful elements, such nutrients fail to reach the scalp and thus risk hair loss.

Why choose MAX Hair’s Meso therapy?
well-nourished scalpnon-surgical approach
improvement to the quality of existing hair

A minimal invasion procedure for maximum scalp revitalization

MAX Hair Clinic offers best mesotherapy treatment in India which is a state-of-the-art reliable procedure addressing the entire gamut of hair loss related concerns. At our clinic, we focus on innovative technologies for hair rejuvenation and boosting all while ensuring unmatched safety and success from our treatment solutions.

A cocktail for superfine minerals and vital nutrients is injected in the scalp skin for helping achieve proper rejuvenation to enable enhanced hair follicle repair as well as growth. MAX mesotherapy solution is best effective in alleviating all the concerns of hair loss which are hormonal in origin and occur due to imbalances in diet.

The expert dermatologists and hair specialists at MAX Hair Clinic compile bespoke and custom-tailored mesotherapy mineral and vitamin combinations as per the specific demands of each patient and precisely inject the same in affected scalp areas to help achieve maximum results.

superfine minerals
maximum results.
Pain-freecustom-tailored mesotherapy

Slow down hair loss and encourage stimulated hair regrowth

Here is how the mesotherapy for hair loss effectively restores your charms of a full head of hair –

Our MAX Meso therapy along with the CC- PRP ACTIVE+ , when administered on the face , helps in reducing signs of aging and boosting facial health and glow . MAX Hair Clinic employs a scientifically proven mesotherapy hair growth technique to suffice the demands of proper scalp nourishment for a significant boost to hair loss prevention.

  • Helps balance hormone levels around the hair follicles
  • Effective in delivery of specialized nutrients to scalp cells
  • Results in complete dermal hydration to counter flakiness and itching
  • Enables stimulated blood circulation for optimized metabolism