Oxygen Laser Therapy

Non-invasive remedies for countering hair loss are a preferable method and with amazing technology intervention, such procedures offer high success rates. MAX Oxygen Laser Therapy is a clinically proven USA FDA approved advanced method of invigorating hair regrowth for effectively mitigating baldness. The consistent application of low-level light lasers to the scalp from Max oxygen photo-biological therapy repairs impaired cellular metabolism to stimulate hair regrowth as a result of protein synthesis, accelerated cell circulation as well as tissue regeneration. This treatment by MAX Hair Clinic, the best hair care clinic is suitable for those suffering from hair loss, hair thinning and androgenetic alopecia. The photo-bio stimulation from MAX oxygen laser hair treatment irradiates photons into scalp tissues which upon penetration stimulate blood circulation and make the pores more open resulting in accelerated pure oxygen intake.

Why choose MAX Hair’s Oxygen laser therapy?
Non-invasive remediesHigh success rates
Fuller eyebrow appearancesFacial aesthetics

Increase hair density with major success in hair loss prevention

A safe level of laser light can be very useful in helping treat the genetic forms of hair loss and baldness. Non-invasive procedures for hair loss repair are highly preferred solutions and MAX Hair Clinic with its oxygen LASER hair loss treatment helps revitalize the scalp for swift follicle regeneration through optimized nutrition and oxygen action. This low-level LASER therapy is pain-free and highly effective in its results. Not only does this treatment work wonders in enabling natural safe hair restoration, but is ideal in enhancing the success, recovery and treatment post hair transplant. The oxygen laser hair therapy naturally combats hair loss and thinning leading to an efficient catalysis for hair regrowth. MAX Hair Clinic is a one stop destination providing quality innovative solutions to help inhibit repair and regeneration of hair follicles. Our oxygen LASER treatment is safe, tolerable and non-invasive.

Non-invasive procedures
Oxygen LASER hair loss treatment
Pain-freeRegeneration of hair follicles

Delivering light and oxygen hair growth activators directly to the scalp

With application of a specific wavelength of light the scalp cell energy centers are stimulated which promotes better metabolism, enhanced circulation and incremented oxygen supply. The MAX oxygen LASER therapy in India is exceptionally effective in stimulating hair follicles from sleep phase to the growing phase. The application of controlled frequencies of LASER energy along with oxygen stimulation is capable of reversing hair follicle damage and MAX Hair Clinic offers the highest standards of precision in its procedures for unrivalled success rates from the treatment.

Promotes metabolism
Incremented oxygen supply
Effective in stimulating hair follicles