Practicing the latest in FUE Hair Transplant, MAX Hair Clinic has set a benchmark with its Sapphire+ Hair Transplant treatment. With an assured remedy against all your hair loss woes, our treatment ensures 100% natural results to fully restore the charms of healthy hair. MAX Sapphire+ treatment involves use of sapphire blades for creating precise incisions for hair follicle Plantation. This innovative hair transplant solution guarantees minimum downtime as well as swift healing. Performed by highly skilled experts, Sapphire+ hair transplant ensures rapid recovery with minimum scarring. Sapphire blades allow for micro-channelling which results in higher success rates for the procedure. Our high-quality state-of-the-art equipment lowers any risks of trauma and results in natural hair line along with thicker hair volume.

Sapphire Micro FUE method

Sapphire FUE can generally be defined as: “hair transplantation performed using special devices manufactured from the gemstone sapphire via FUE technique, resulting in a better and perfectly natural looking finish”. In the Sapphire FUE technique small incisions are made into the scalp and the follicles are implanted in these minuscule channels.

✓ Considering to its smooth surface with antibacterial properties, and its physical properties as hardness, sharpness and durability, sapphire tip will lead to production of much lesser vibration during opening of channels, thus minimizing the risk of trauma, and tissue damage.

✓ FUE performed with sapphire tip ensures denser hair implantation when compared with FUE realized with metal slits, and also enables its application for clients with potential hair thinning at advanced ages.

✓ It aids in closer implantation of grafts and creates a more natural-looking hair distribution pattern.

✓ Since the level of edema seen after the application will be lower, it will be more comfortable for the clients in every sense after the procedure is performed.

✓ Since smaller sites are opened for implantation, postoperative tissue healing is faster relative to FUE performed with metal slits, and most importantly, the bonded skin will have a smooth appearance

✓ Since hair roots are implanted into the channels of their own size at the most natural angle, there is no possibility that the roots will dislodge and the angle settings will change.

Sapphire FUE Method :

Its is an invasive method to achieve the optimum accuracy and outcome of the most advanced FUE currently performed by the top Surgeons in Europe, Sapphire method is the generation 4th innovation in the category of FUE and we are the first to launch in India.

This method supports optimum graft survival with great precision.

It helps in faster growth, with no signs of transplanted zone and appears as natural as our own hair grown in the scalp. We can also achieve maximum density with the Sapphire tool and as of now claimed to be best innovation close to naturality.

As the implanter method and nicking method is comparatively old now and practised by most the clinics in India we accelerated to adopt the generation 4th innovation to help our clients achieve the most legitimate look and get the best value for their money spend.

Distinctive Features of Sapphire FUE :

1.       No sign of transplanted hair or pits

2.       Optimum density due to minute slit holding the exact size of the graft

3.       No surrounding tissue damage on the transplanted zone

4.       No shock to the grafts while planted

5.       Minimal opening of micro channels


Why Choose MAX Hair’s Sapphire hair transplant?

100% Natural results
Guarantees minimum downtime
Rapid recovery
Higher success rates
Thick hair volume

Achieve optimum accuracy best natural results from MAX Sapphire+ Hair Transplant

Sapphire is the latest innovation in hair transplant technology and MAX Hair Clinic is accoladed as the first to offer this service in India. We guarantee the best support and service to relieve you from all the concerns of hair loss and balding. With our Sapphire hair transplant in India.
we guarantee virtually undetectable natural looks and the best value for your money. Our medical aesthetics specialists practice precision techniques and completely transform your life by allowing for a major surge in confidence.
With implementation of cutting-edge hair transplant treatments, MAX Hair Clinic has paved the way for minimally invasive painless procedures with major control over the density, angle and direction of hair growth, all of which determine a natural appearance.

Natural looksPainless procedures
High densityNatural appearance

A personalised treatment vital for superior results

By following constantly emerging technologies and staying updated with the latest innovations, MAX Hair Clinic offers Sapphire+ Hair Transplant service in India which employs state-of-the-art equipment for increased graft transplantation resulting in a more natural hair appearance. Mitigating any risks of infection and offering minimum tissue damage, MAX Hair Clinic conducts its Sapphire+ hair transplant treatment in sterile medical environments enabling high success rate delivery.

Our treatments ensure a high graft density and guarantee healthy hair regrowth. MAX Hair Clinic is the best hair transplant clinic with an uncompromised quality approach driven by an ethos of 100% client satisfaction.

Latest innovation
Increased graft transplantation
Natural hair appearanceMinimum tissue damage
High graft density100% client satisfaction