A clean and breathable scalp is an ideal foundation for healthy hair growth. Ensuring a deep cleansing of your scalp to free the hair follicles and get rid of any debris, MAX Hair Clinic Scalp Detox is a vital solution to result in a better environment for healthy hair growth. Our invigorating scalp detox solution instantly removes product build-up and excess oil. An unexfoliated scalp can get dry, flaky and full of impurities. With MAX scalp detox treatment, we can unclog the pores of scalp skin and clear all product build-up from the hair follicles resulting in dandruff and itching prevention. Utilizing a unique formula of scalp and hair friendly agents, we target intense cleansing to gently breakdown all the debris and restore optimum balance for your scalp.

Scalp detox
  • deep cleansing of your scalp
  • Better environment for healthy hair growth
  • Unclog the pores of scalp skin
  • Optimum balance for your scalp

Addressing your hair and scalp concerns to serve unique detox solutions

MAX Hair Clinic tailored scalp detox treatment is an ideal means to cleanse your scalp, allow enhanced hydration of hair follicles as well as add extra bounce and lustrous shine to hair.At our state-of-the-art clinic you get to experience a bespoke detox service for scalp which results in –

Why choose Max Hairs Scalp Detox?

  • Deep cleansing of a flaky scalp
  • Hair damage repair
  • Scalp and hair follicle moisture restoration
  • Addition of shine and bounce to your hair
  • Rejuvenation and soothing for sensitive scalps

Refresh and stimulate your scalp with MAX scalp detox in India

In order to furnish a completely customized treatment solution, the experts at MAX Hair Clinic carefully examine your hair and scalp. Our precise application of high-quality detox agents will not only eliminate the unwanted debris and product build-up from your scalp but also target a boost of moisture and shine for your hair.
MAX scalp detox solution encourages your hair to develop better bounce and luster all while resulting in an intense exfoliating of the scalp.
Our scalp is a very sensitive area and its proper nourishment is imperative in ensuring a well-conditioned foundation for healthy hair growth. Under the supervision of our hair experts, you will undergo advanced scalp detox treatment which is vital to cleanse the scalp, prevent over-drying, eliminate pore-clogging debris and also removing dead skin cells.

customized treatment solution
high-quality detox agents
shine for your hair.intense exfoliating of the scalp.
scalp detox treatmentcleanse the scalp
prevent over-dryingeliminate pore-clogging debris
removing dead skin cells.
Scalp detox