Creating the illusion of fuller and natural hair, Scalp Micropigmentation is an advanced procedure which uses multiple shades of pigmentation to mimic natural hair follicle growth. Utilizing modern technology to ensure a realistic natural look, micropigmentation blends special pigments into the scalp skin and targets swift visible results through a convenient non-surgical and non-invasive procedure. MAX Hair Clinic has successfully conducted numerous scalp micropigmentation procedures and with the same, our clients have been able to experience a boost in confidence all while cherishing youthful appearances. Our scalp micropigmentation in India is a result of using the highest quality pigments as well as needles to ensure that we serve the highest standard in the treatment.


A life changing solution for all levels of hair loss and baldness

Scalp micropigmentation in India as performed by the experts at MAX Hair Clinic is a low maintenance and non-invasive procedure with swift result delivery. We have carried out this procedure on numerous clients and have received highly appreciable feedback for the same. Guaranteeing a more youthful appearance.
Scalp micropigmentation helps restore confidence and hides away all the visible signs of hair loss or baldness in men as well as women. Not only does this treatment allow you to hide areas of visible baldness but also ensures an effective disguise of any scars.
MAX Hair Clinic has emerged to be a reference when it comes to offering micropigmentation for scalp. Our highly effective procedures camouflage all sorts of scalp anomalies and mitigate complete hair cover.

Non-invasive procedureHigh effective procedure

Why choose MAX hair’s Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

Multiple shades of pigmentation
Natural hair follicle growth
Realistic natural look
Youthful appearance
High quality pigments
Highest standard treatment

Visit MAX Hair Clinic for scalp micropigmentation and transform your personality

MAX Hair Clinic has been a pioneering benchmark for its state-of-the-art treatments that have helped restore the confidence of thousands. Micropigmentation is potentially one of the best convenient hair-loss solutions with permanent results and if you do not wish to go for surgical treatment procedures, then this cosmetic approach will result in a realistic natural look of closely shaved hair. At our clinic, we regularly follow the cutting-edge innovations in this process and ensure that our clients experience ultimate satisfaction whilst in our care.
This treatment perfectly offers the appearance of a closely shaven hair and also allows for camouflaging any visible bald areas. Our scalp micropigmentation treatment experts target best results which are achieved by strategically placing colour pigments to replicate the dense hair follicle growth on the scalp.

Convenient hair-loss solutions
Realistic natural look
Cutting-edge innovations
Placing colour pigments
Dense hair follicle growth