Tress Pro

MAX Hair Clinic is committed to serving supreme quality tress pro solution for hair extensions. Our Tress pro help you achieve the desired length, luster and volume. Our custom-made bespoke tress pro extensions offer natural looking hair with enviable length and amazing bounce. Available in a variety of stunning shades as well as lengths for you to choose from, our tress pro solution suits each and every hair type. MAX Hair Clinic tress pro stands apart owing to our meticulous standards of quality control along with guaranteed styling versatility and exceptional color blending. Easy-to-fit and suitable for all hair types, MAX Tress Pro female hair extensions are available in a handpicked custom collection and can be washed, heat styled or even dyed like your own hair.

  • Natural looking
  • Achieve the desired length, luster and volume
  • Versatility and exceptional color blending
  • Enviable length and amazing bounce
  • Meticulous standards of quality

Fall in love with MAX HAIR Pro that allows a deluxe hair volume addition and easy application

The tress pro extensions from MAX are gentle and even if you have a sensitive scalp, these offer all the comfort and undetectable looks. With a diverse range of solutions to opt for, we can completely transform short hair into long hair and also add volume to thin hair. By availing Tress Pro in India, you an create a discrete look which blends in your existing hair naturally. We have the highest quality natural hair fibers which are impossible to differentiate from your existing hair as we leave no stone unturned in offering extensions of the exact color and texture match.
MAX Hair Clinic reinforces that its Tress Pro hair solutions are ethically sourced and sustainably produced. Every woman deserves to be her best self and our innovative Tress Pro makes you stands out with luscious locks that cater to your desires of adorning Princess Rapunzel charms. With Tress Pro hair extensions, you cherish a swift and affordable means to add length to your hair along with an undeniable convenience of least maintenance.

Why choose MAX hair’s TRESS PRO?

An irresistible solution for instant length, thickness and volume addition to hair

Instantly achieve the perfect ponytail or cherish thick luscious locks with our high-quality silky smooth tress pro solution which can be treated just like your own hair. Our multi-tone system allows for perfect color blending and a variety of choice in styling ranging from curls to sleek and straight strands. We offer the best tress pro price in India and our hair extension systems are perfect for achieving luxurious celebrity-worthy locks. Our hair styling experts ensure a perfect blend of tress pro with your existing hair with a careful positioning of the tress pro system closer to the parting.
MAX Hair Clinic is dedicated to offering you a one-stop solution for all your hair related concerns.


Thick luscious locks


Multi-tone system


Luxurious celebrity-worthy locks


Hair styling experts


Comfortable and undetectable looks


Diverse range of solutions


Highest quality natural hair fibers


Ethically sourced