March 21, 2023

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Chennai

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Hair Transplant procedure in Chennai is trending in most of the Aesthetic clinics these days and the social taboo has been broken by education and awareness spread across our country and the world of its outcome and best possible results. FUE method hair transplant is the latest method to achieve hair back on the scalp but these days according to the International society of hair restoration many innovative techniques are being used to achieve desired results. Best hair transplant clinic in Chennai depends on certain criteria which is absolutely mandatory to nurture and verify before one should proceed. First and foremost thing to see is the OT premises and the facilities to perform the procedure. Hygiene condition of the clinic and the operation theater. Innovation reciprocated in the method over the years is the key factor to determine the best clinic along with the Skilled Surgeons on board who have already performed more than 1000 cases at least to be more precise on extraction method with less than 3% transaction ratio and high graft survival ratio of more than 96%. Real pictures of clients undergone hair transplant and video testimonials also add a lot of value to the process.  Sapphire Hair Transplant  is considered as the most modern way of doing hair transplant which is the generation 5th FUE method. Sapphire hair transplant is done with the help of Sapphire stone blade which is most close to the body chemistry and skin friendly and can create the most natural and vibration free miniscule channel to implant extracted follicular unit grafts.  Max Hair Clinic  is the first of the kind of Aesthetic center in Chennai to introduce the 5th generation latest method FUE where depth, direction, density and sustainability is the key feature to seal the authenticity of the method performed which is now trending in the leading hair transplant clinics across the world also performed by top surgeons from International hair restoration society.

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