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DHI is an advanced technique for implanting hair in a balding area. The grafts are collected using an FUE (follicular unit extraction) method and directly implanted on the recipient site. By identifying the graft thickness an implanter is selected. With this, the process can be completed without opening the canal for transplant. The collected grafts will be placed within a thin cylindrical and sharp tip that helps to implant the follicles directly. MAX HAIR CLINIC DHI HAIR TRANSPLANT IS A TRADITIONAL TECHNIQUE PROCEDURE WITH OUTSTANDING OUTCOMES.specialized pen-shaped Choi implanters are utilized to implant the same in affected areas. 65-75 hair follicles replanted an sq. cm giving up to 70-75% survival rate. The hair follicle is punched into the scalp using a Choi implanter and a clearance space of 1mmi is given between 2 punches, thus creating a less dense packing of hair follicles.