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MAX Oxygen LASER Therapy is a clinically proven, FDA-approved advanced method of stimulating hair growth and effectively reducing baldness. Oxygen laser therapy is a non-surgical treatment for hair loss that employs a medical laser device with therapeutic and low-light laser levels. The photo-bio stimulation of MAX Oxygen LASER Hair Treatment irradiates photons into scalp tissues, which upon penetration accelerates pure oxygen intake. The Oxygen LASER light beam will stimulate the hair follicles and their tissue cells. This promotes blood flow, increases the hair growth rate, reduces the thinning of hair, and treats androgenetic alopecia. As this activates the intracellular fluid, nutrients get supplied equally. This helps the follicles to restore and reconstruct healthy hair. Because this noninvasive wavelength contains 100% oxygen, this method of preventing hair loss is completely safe for human health. At MAX Hair Clinic, we use 650nm to 830nm. In addition, this reduces dandruff, improves the immunity of the skin, and also activates collagen production. The cold beam emitted from the diode freezes hair and prevents it from falling. The main factor and an added advantage of using Oxygen LASER therapy are that it breaks down DHT, which plays a significant role in hair fall. It also aids in the production of oil and sebum secretion, which helps to keep the scalp’s pH stable.