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MAX Hair Clinic provides FDA-approved medical-grade pigments and disposable blades for eyebrow microblading treatments. This is a cosmetic treatment procedure. The pigments are deposited in the upper region of the dermis. This method produces fine, high-quality strokes that mimic naturally occurring hair. Our skilled professional team assists you in obtaining well-defined shapes for brimming best results. We guarantee fuller brows and improved facial aesthetics. The pigment is scratched into the skin using a hand tool with a blade made of tiny needles. A semi-permanent technique for enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows. Some individuals may require follow-up sessions based on individual body acceptance. The microblading technique helps to reshape your appearance in terms of your eyebrows, both in shape and color. Microblading also carries other terms like “feather touch”,” 3D eyebrow embroidery,” and “hair-like strokes.” In the first stage, the eyebrow outline is marked. Followed by the technician applying numbing cream and leaving for at least 30 minutes. Later, the procedure is started by tattooing the pigments in fine lines according to the angles and directions