March 28, 2023

What is the Best option for Cosmetic Hair Replacement?

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MAX Hair Clinic Cosmetic Hair Replacementis the oldest department in the city and have catered 70% of the clients in cities of Chennai & Hyderabad with the most innovative cosmetic hair systems which suits the personality, profession, age, and lifestyle. There are wide varieties of hair systems available, and it depends on the client's scalp condition and existing hair texture. MAX Hair Clinic will give you the opportunity to change your life and your appearance with an innovative, non-surgical hair replacement system that suits anyone and every lifestyle in a truly simple, undetectable and affordable way. Our hair replacement systems are of high quality hair pieces made with 100% real human hair. The hair systems are designed to replace completely or partially the top of the head where the balding and thinning area is and cover any receding hairlines giving you a brand new set of hairs, which gives you a younger and fresher look. Our systems do not need removing when you go to bed. Your hair system will stay fixed and securely in place while you're sleeping! Just like regular hair, you can shower and wash your hair as normal. We recommend your system to be washed once or twice per week. Work out, lift weights, go running – your hair system will remain secure and undetectable at all times, leaving you to get on and stay active. Yes! You can even go swimming wearing your new hair system. Our systems are attached with a waterproof adhesive to give you that maximum hold! MAX Hair Clinic range of hair systems suits every age with optimum density to sparse and most light filament to merge with the scalp for 50+ people. Visit us for a consultation to experience a life changing moment.

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