March 23, 2023

What is the safest Hair Loss treatment?

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Hair Loss is a chronic problem, and these days, men and women are both facing the same problem every passing day. We usually start using products to control hair loss, but many of us fail to understand the basic difference between hair fall and hair loss. The use of products and home care can treat hair fall or breakage issues but can’t control hair loss. Hair loss occurs when the hair growing from the follicular unit graft leaves the body, making the graft too thin and weak to re-grow another hair, which usually happens in androgenetic alopecia cases. Genetic history of hair loss is a common problem in men, and usually, men start losing hair in their early 20’s and gradually go bald in their 30’s. Apart from topical application of minoxidil and oral medication like finasteride and dutasteride, there are no available medicines to curb hair loss. But eventually, long-term usage of topical applications and oral consumption of steroids are neither feasible nor advisable. Hair loss is generally treated with regenerative medicine during the initial stages to save the existing hair follicular unit grafts, but eventually a hair transplant needs to be performed in cases of baldness, which is a permanent, natural-growing, non maintenance hair. Both the procedures are safe, are performed under a daycare OPD, and are also considered post-lunch procedures, where we are fit and fine to drive back home after the procedure and there is no downtime at all. CC PRP + is one of the most advanced methods in regenerative medicine practice to restructure the ailing follicular unit grafts by adding seven growth factors, which strengthen the grafts and grow thicker hair. The ingenious device grafting method, the 4th generation FUE method, and the 5th generation Sapphire hair transplant are the most precise and accuracy-oriented hair transplant methods, with the ice-cell preservation method of grafts providing an optimum graft survival ratio. Max Hair Clinic International in south India is practicing the methods and cruising towards better innovation every year to refine the delivery.

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