April 01, 2023

Which is the Safest Hair Transplant method in India

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FUE Hair transplantbeing a non-invasive method and performed under OPD care, is considered a safe method considered by NMC and IMA. Most of the renowned clinic chains are maintaining the safety norms and guidelines stated by the NMC. The FUE method is extremely safe and is considered a non-invasive procedure. FUE is performed in 3 ways: the basic slit method, the implanter method, and the new method, Ice Cell Sapphire Micro FUE. As the name suggests, the FUE tool uses blades made of sapphire, which is a durable and valuable gemstone. The tool comes with sapphire blades instead of regular steel blades to make incisions for the Hair Transplant procedure. During a Hair Transplant operation, many channels are incised at the recipient zone. Opening the channels following the sapphire method is very effective. As sapphire is more durable than steel, the whole process becomes easier. Therefore, it can be said that the material used to make the Hair Transplant tool has a great importance on the success rate of operations. Sapphire tools have a V-shaped pin, while regular tools have pins that are made of steel. Having a V-shaped pin helps the sapphire tool make more accurate incisions, which helps open smaller channels. This reduces the probability of damage to neighboring follicles and scarring. Therefore, a Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant is an ideal method for both men and women suffering from recent hair loss since the hair density is considered to be high. Now in the Sapphire method, needle-free local anesthesia and an ice cell freezer graft preservation box have been introduced by MAX Hair Clinic to make the entire method the most modern and feature packed procedure. The needless local anesthesia device delivers local anesthesia without any pain, and the titanium punches are now used for extraction, which are optimum sharp and provide a vibration free extraction that is also infection free. The ice cell graft preservation box keeps the grafts intact and prevents dehydration, shock, and trauma, which extends the life of implanted grafts.

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