April 01, 2023

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad  is a hub of hair transplant clinics, and there are wide choices of clinics in the city in every corner. Prices generally vary from 50k-60k to 2.5 lakhs, depending on the profile of the clinic, the operating surgeon, the method performed, etc. The best clinic for hair transplants depends on certain criteria, like the OT facility of the clinic, how well it is equipped, who the surgeon is, and his or her credentials. How many cases have been done, and what are the results? How is the clinic staff? Are they very helpful in assisting the client? Is post-procedure follow-up done? Are reviews done? Are they performing the latest methods of hair transplantation? What tools are being used during the case, and eventually the cost of the procedure, which should be value for money. A cheaper hair transplant doesn’t mean it will yield results; it also means that due to cost control, the clinics are using reusable punches, needles, etc. A state-of-the-art clinic in Hyderabad is MAX Hair Clinic in Jubilee Hills, which has been serving clients for more than a decade. MAX performs 3 methods of FUE hair transplant: the basic slit method FUE, the implanter method, and the Ice Cell Sapphire micro FUE. Hair transplants in Hyderabad have become a prime modality to deal with baldness these days, and they have become the most popular method to get back your hair. Top surgeons and clinics performing hair transplants across the world are primarily practicing Ice Cell Sapphire micro FUE because of its success ratio, neutrality, sustainability, density achieved, etc. MAX Hair Clinic surgeons in Hyderabad have adopted the method and performed on more than 500 clients, which has given the clients immense satisfaction with the achieved results. Clients have also rated the procedure as the most modern and painless way to undergo a hair transplant. Pricing of Ice Cell Sapphire micro FUE varies from 4-6 lakhs INR in Turkey, the cheapest place to do hair transplants, but at MAX Hair Clinic, it costs only 1.75 to 2 lakhs INR for a lifetime warranty. The popularity of the Ice Cell Sapphire micro FUE hair transplant procedure in Hyderabad is paramount because of the advancements in this field, which provide extremely natural results. The expertise of the doctors and the state-of-the-art technology at MAX Hair Clinic have made this procedure highly successful and worthy of choosing for hair loss treatment.

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