April 10, 2023

Best hair care products to resolve hair-loss

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Hair loss  is a chronic issue for both men and women. Initially, we try to resolve it with all kinds of hair care products and home remedies. But unfortunately, hair loss cannot be resolved with products; instead, you need to consult a doctor to understand which treatment will suit your progressive baldness. Hair care products can treat the texture of the hair and scalp conditions, but unfortunately, cases of hair loss, which is follicle loss from the dermis layer of the skin, can only be treated by regenerative medicine practices, oxygen laser therapy, or eventually a hair transplant. Hair care products used these days to treat hair-fall problems and not hair loss are available in all the leading stores, malls, supermarkets, medical stores, etc. MAX Hair Clinic, one of the leading brands in India treating hair loss clients by hair transplant, PRP Active +, Oxygen laser therapy, mesotherapy, and Hair transplant, knows the actual requirements of most of the clients suffering from hair-fall and hair-loss. One Hair Pro is one of the brands in the personal care division that has come out with plant-powered organic natural products to cleanse the scalp, condition it, nourish with vitamin E oil serum, soothe the hair and scalp with Shikakai paste, etc. Though we know that to curb hair loss, we need to commence with Oxygen laser therapy, then move on to PRP Active +, and in cases of baldness, undergo Ice Cell Sapphire micro FUE, we still need to use personal care products to maintain our hair and scalp, and most of us believe that natural and organic products are much better and safer to use on our hair and scalp. One Hair Pro product from the house of MAX Hair Clinic is one of the best solutions for hair care, and the procedures offered at Max are the only solution for hair loss.

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