April 29, 2023

Is PRP treatment for Hair-loss permanent?

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PRP Active+  is a breakthrough method of controlling active hair loss in the initial stages of AGA. According to published reports, PRP Active + improves hair calibre and growth for about four to six weeks, which is repeated once a month for 8–9 months for optimum results. However, on average, most clients require their repeated PRP Active + treatment after 12 months to maintain the effects of hair growth, as in cases of AGA, the dihydrotestosterone hormones continue to generate and cause hair loss by blocking the blood supply to the follicular unit grafts, which in turn degrades the health condition of the grafts. The active healing factor of the PRP Active + therapy, releasing 8 growth factors, starts healing up the ailing grafts to generate a better and thicker hair strand. It also helps in re-growing deep-rooted follicles that are sleeping in the dormant stage. Endovascular growth factor, epidermal growth factor, fibroblast growth factor, heptocyte growth factor, platelet-derived growth factor, endothelial growth factor, transforming growth factor, and insulin growth factor are powerful combinations of growth factors that help a lot in AGA cases of hair loss. There is no activity restriction after PRP Active+ treatment. Clients can usually shower, shampoo, or maintain their hair and resume their normal sports and daily activities only a few hours after the treatment.

There may be a brief, mild inflammation that is noticeable for several hours, e.g., redness and swelling of the scalp. Strong chemical colours or permanent treatments should not be used for at least 72 hours. The use of topical hair growth treatments such as minoxidil or something similar can be discontinued the next day.

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