April 29, 2023

Which Hair Transplant is permanent?

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The Ice Cell Sapphire Micro FUE  hair transplantation technique has been in use for years, and with the availability of advanced technologies, very effective results can now be achieved. The fact that the process is both shorter and more effective than other methods makes it more desirable. Before undergoing ice cell sapphire micro FUE hair transplantation, an analysis is conducted and the patient's medical history is evaluated. At this stage, the amount of transplantation and the number of sessions needed by the patient are determined in consultation with the patient, who is fully informed of the process. The ice cell preservation process is very important and should only be performed by a professional team in a fully equipped center, as local anesthesia is applied. Hair follicles are extracted with very fine-tipped instruments and transferred to the bald area. Since local anesthesia is applied during the procedure, the patient does not feel any pain. The ice cell sapphire micro FUE hair transplantation method is essentially a pre-planting stage since at this stage, hair follicles are taken and stored for subsequent transplantation, which is critical to ensure more productive roots are obtained.

The first phase consists of preparation for the operation, during which the front hairline is drawn, the areas to be transplanted are determined, blood tests are done, and the head is shaved. The second stage is the acquisition of hair roots, during which hair follicles are extracted from the determined area using a micromotor, with only the relevant root being removed without damaging any other tissue. The extracted hair follicles are kept in a special solution. The third stage is the groove-opening stage, which is the most important stage of hair transplantation, during which grooves are opened for the hair follicles by specialist doctors to accommodate the thickness of the follicles. The fitness of the opened channels is crucial to the success of the hair transplantation process. The final stage is the placement of hair follicles, during which hair transplant specialists place the roots one by one into the relevant area, ensuring that they are placed in the channels appropriately. This process requires great patience and can take up to three hours on average. Patient comfort is vital during the procedure, so they can listen to music or watch TV to help relieve the long duration of the procedure. After the transplantation process is completed, a specialist doctor carries out final checks, and the area where the hair follicles are integrated is closed with the help of a bandage.

Ice-cell sapphire microfuse hair transplantation is suitable for every hair type, as it enables the extraction and transplantation of large numbers of hair follicles. Hair follicles preserved in a special solution before planting are integrated efficiently, extending the viability of the hair follicles. This method does not require any stitches and leaves no scars on the patient. In addition, hair transplanting can be applied to hair follicles in different parts of the body.

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