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A non-surgical, completely safe, and organic procedure that aids in hair retention and prevention of hair loss and has no side effects. At MAX Hair Clinic, we use a Closed-Casket Kit to collect plasma from the client’s blood using the modern German technology known as Closed Casket Platelet Rich Plasma (CC-PRP). This contains Growth factors, proteins, amino acids, nutrients, and electrolytes derived from the platelets. As a result, this Non- surgical treatment benefits by nurturing, rejuvenating, and promoting hair regrowth. Any damage to the scalp or hair follicles will return to their natural, healthy state. The closed-casket PRP machine has a single entry point and a single exit point; As a result, the plasma is pathogen- and toxin free and has not been exposed to the outside environment. The CC-PRP kit spins at 4000 RPM, thus extracting growth factor concentrate (GFC) while protecting the cells through a self-cooling mechanism. MAX Hair Clinic ensures proper maintenance of hygiene. We use sterile and disposable CC-PRP kits. Catalyzing optimum healing. CC-PRP treatments are a 100% customizable procedure that increases hair density & quality and also counteracts baldness. Helps in the natural regenerative process of hair growth.