April 29, 2023

Best Ways to resolve Hair Loss

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Hair loss is a chronic issue in both men and women, and men from a very early age have started to lose hair, and by the mid-30s, a lot of men are going bald. Hair restoration procedures are becoming more popular these days because of the needs of every individual. Hair fall products are normally used by everyone during the initial days of hair loss without realizing the difference between hair fall and hair loss. Hair loss is when our volume, thickness, and density go down day by day in women and in men when we start seeing the scalp getting visible on the hairline, crown, and forelock zones. During the initial days of hair loss, without further delay, we should start undergoing the hair restoration process with oxygen laser therapy and PRP Active +. Oxygen laser therapy is a phototherapeutic method to break down the formation of DHT hormones and restore blood circulation in the follicular unit grafts. Now that the hair loss is substantial, we should opt for PRP Active+ therapy, which is a regenerative medicine practise and a healing therapy for the ailing follicular unit grafts. The PRP therapy restructures the follicular unit tissues, retains the health condition to grow better and thicker hair, and also controls hair loss. The PRP Active+ therapy needs to be performed every month for the next 8–9 months. Oxygen laser therapy needs to be performed for 32 to 36 sessions every fortnight.

Max Hair Clinic performs oxygen laser therapy in all the clinics situated in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Coimbatore. PRP Active + is one of the trademarked procedures that is performed with the advanced lock tube method, which is way more advanced than the test tube PRP method. One can walk in for a consultation to understand the condition of the hair loss and the expectation of the possible outcome of the procedures.

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