March 21, 2023

How to grow Hair naturally


Hair naturally grows, rests and sheds and then again grows back naturally in three stages, Anagen, Catagen & Telogen stages. Whenever there is excessive hair-loss and the hair doesn’t grow back causing baldness to mostly men are called as androgenetic alopecia cases or genetic hair-loss conditions. Most of us when we start losing hair try home remedies, oils to restrict hair-loss but unfortunately it doesn’t help in cases of Androgenetic alopecia and women’s hair-loss due to hormonal changes. The first line of treatment for active hair-loss is application of minoxidil which improves the blood circulation in the follicular unit grafts to survive in the active anagen mode. Generally when the captive hair-loss becomes more due to the blockage of DHT hormones around the follicular unit grafts CC PRP + is the solution which needs to be undergone every 20 days to arrest hair-loss. In cases of baldness the only way to achieve natural growing hairs is the IGM & Sapphire method of hair transplant where hairs grow naturally and remain back in the scalp throughout the life. Maintaining healthy diet in normal cases helps to maintain and grow hairs naturally but in cases of Androgenetic alopecia nothings works other than application of minoxidil, activating PRP growth factors in scalp and eventually transplanting hair bearing tissues from the back which is known as hair transplant. Ingenious device grafting methods FUE and Sapphire FUE are the 4th and 5th generation hair transplants and considered as the most modern generation hair transplant procedure. Adding feathers to the Hat Max hair studio international has been considered as the most innovative organization in terms of process development where research never stops and the Surgeons are inquisitive on improving the methods every passing day.  Checkout our doctors advice if you are considering hair transplant, also we are here for daily updates do check

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