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MAX Hair Clinic provides treatments for multifaceted hair loss issues. Auto-immune disease is one of them. We have the best, most dedicated team for treating hair loss. A Cortico shot is exclusively given to people suffering from alopecia areata. Alopecia Areata is an auto-immune disorder where our own body attacks native body cells. This shot lowers the immune response. Cortico shots help in treating alopecia areata of the scalp where less than 50% of the scalp area is involved. Alopecia areata of the brows, beard, and lichen are also common. Planopilaris Alopecia due to frontal fibrosis, discoid lupus, and folliculitis de calvans can also be treated. While corticosteroids cannot guarantee that the hair follicles in the affected area will grow back completely, they can help to lower the immune response and stop the spread of this specific illness. In certain cases, we are able to appreciate 50% of the regrowth in the affected portion. Along with the Derma-Roller, a Cortico shot can be administered.